Paying tribute to Z Special Unit at memorial in Dayman Park


ABOUT 100 people gathered at the Krait Memorial in Urangan on Sunday to pay their respects to the 23 Z Special Unit operatives of Operation Rimau.

Considered the tragic sequel to the successful Operation Jaywick, Operation Rimau was an aborted attack on Japanese shipping at Singapore Harbour in October 1944.

Hervey Bay Vietnam veteran and military researcher Bob Taylor said the Z Special Unit operatives were sourced from the Fraser Island commando school, which trained more than 900 soldiers between 1943 and 1945.

WWII commando reveals secrets of Pacific coastwatcher mission

Jim Burrowes was one of the coastwatchers that operated behind enemy lines during the Second World War - a group credited with "saving the Pacific".

One of the last survivors of a top-secret Second World War unit says he fears its efforts in the Pacific will be forgotten and is posting his story online before it is too late.

Credited with "saving the Pacific", the Australian-led coastwatchers operated behind enemy lines with Pacific Island soldiers and scouts to spy on the Japanese Imperial forces.

Dozens of coastwatchers were captured and killed, but they had many successes, including saving the life of a future president of the United States.

The codes that saved thousands of Allied lives during the Second World War's Pacific theatre are still fresh in the memory of former commando sergeant Jim Burrowes.