A Secret War - The creative team

Don Featherstone: Director

Don Featherstone directing Kokoda.

Don Featherstone directing Kokoda.

Previous Credits: s an Australian documentary filmmaker. His work includes documentaries about many significant figures in Australian arts and culture, including authors David Malouf and Tim Winton, artist Brett Whiteley and dancer Robert Helpmann, as well as the satirical mockumentary BabaKiueria. From 2005 to 2010, Featherstone researched and filmed the documentary Kokoda, based on the book by Paul Ham

Tom Broadhurst: Writer/Director

Previous Credits: Director: Garage Dreams 13 x Episodic Series, wrote the Screenplay for “ Into the Darkness “ which focuses on the doomed Z Special Unit mission Operation Copper.

Tony Turner: Producer

Lionel Aitken: Producer

Lionel has been the driving force behind capturing and producing all the interviews with surviving members of Z Special Unit

Cesar Salmeron-Hoving / Cinematographer http://www.cesarsalmeron.com.au/

Dr Will Davies: Military Historian / Author

Craig Brown: Research Assistant / Associate Producer